Sunday, December 30, 2012

BMW R1200GS latest changes

After many changes already made to the 1200 GS this time we both tried and tested suspension with Esa both rims. Specifically, as suspensions, we installed mono shock absorbers of Matris that use the Esa original BMW. These suspensions, which we have already considered excellent in traditional configurations, maintain the advantages of classical suspension abbiando ESA comfort of your BMW. The stepper motor that runs the Esa Bmw remains the original as the controller and the button. Change all the damper body and especially the possibility for changing the user to intervene on the suspension. In fact, the system Esa Bmw acts only on two paramatri suspension and precisely on the brake hydraulic extension and on the spring preload. In this case, the Matris, allow to intervene (manually) even on the compression damping. Naturally the adjustment possibilities remain those granted in origin and therefore also the possibility to vary the configuration from comfort to normal in sports in motion, something that not all systems currently on the market have. As regards the circles, we tried the Kineo. This product certainly aesthetically beautiful, has a number of very useful features and advantageous. First, the weight is well 3 to 3.5 kg less than the total torque on it originates. In addition, the rigidity of the rim and the effect that this transmits to the pilot are significantly higher and create an incredible feeling. These factors make driving safer, smoother and more fun. Of course we could not mount disks butfly the braking who on other occasions we were amazed at the great positive modulation and stopping power.

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