Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kawasaki Z1000SX colors for 2013

No update of substance but a few tweaks to the graphics for the Kawasaki Z1000SX, sport handlebar high house Akashi which has been a good sales success even at home.
The Candy Lime Green / Metallic Spark Black is the traditional two-color Kawasaki, with the greenback acid alternating with taste to black. Definitely personal opinion, but here in the office we find that give a nice streamlined lines of the SX compared to "normal" green this year.
The second proposal for the Italian market is a gritty called Black Metallic Spark Black / Flat Ebony, all played on the contrast between shiny and matte. The evil is out of the question, though not without a certain elegance.
Will not be imported instead of the Pearl Stardust White / Metallic Spark Black, reserved for the U.S. market, which we propose, however, in the Photo Gallery. White is not "is" more like a few seasons ago, but it still has its fans even in our market, perhaps make some would get paid in terms of sales ...

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